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Only one road in the world leads from Russia to North Korea — and you can take a trip down it on Google Maps

north korea russia border towerGoogle Maps

North Korea is arguably the most secretive nation in the world.

It shares long borders with China to its north, and also with South Korea. But the third, and by far the shortest, frontier is an 11-mile stretch of land it shares with Russia.

Unlike the Chinese border, the Russian one has allowed access to Google’s camera cars, which can come pretty close to the Korea Russia Friendship Bridge ("Druzhny Bridge" in Russia), a rail link between the two nations.

Peek into North Korea from Linenaya Ulitsa, a road along North Korea’s 11-border with Russia, through these 2013 photos:

North Korea is notoriously secretive and hidden from Google Maps’ Street View function — all the areas not in blue can’t be accessed on the service.

Google Maps/Business Insider

The regions of Primorsky, Russia, and Josan-ri, North Korea, are divided by the Tumen River, a 320-mile long river along North Korea’s border with China and Russia. There’s Google Maps imagery up to the tip of Linenaya Ulitsa, a road that stops just before the river.

Google Maps/Business Insider

Tourists in Yanbian, a Chinese prefecture that shares borders with both North Korea and Russia, can peer into North Korea at a designated observation point, where you can see the rail bridge.


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Why health incentives are a work perk you shouldn’t overlook #infographic

Why health incentives are a work perk you shouldn’t overlook

When it comes to employee benefits and work perks, it’s not always enough to stick to the basics. Three quarters of employees say they’re more likely to stay with their employer because of their benefit program and 35 percent of millennials have turned down job offers because they were dissatisfied with the benefits offered. In the case of employee wellness, employers and employees benefit with increased productivity, fewer absent days, and reduced excess health care costs. But is your health incentives plan up to snuff? Read on for tips to create and maintain a successful health incentives plan.

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Skype finally gets end-to-end encryption, thanks to Signal

Microsoft has partnered with Signal, the secure messaging app that counts whistleblower Edward Snowden among its fans, to add end-to-encryption to Skype. That means that all your chat, files and audio messages will be securely transmitted through the service, and they’ll only be readable to you and the recipient. No one will be able to easily intercept them as they pass through Microsoft’s servers and parse them – similar to how messages on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram work. However, bear in mind that this doesn’t yet cover your audio and video calls – those are only secured by the…

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‘PUBG’ update makes it easy to report cheaters from replays

Cheating in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is getting to be a problem. What started on the third-person servers has started invading first-person ones as well. As such, PUBGCorp is releasing an update for the battle royale game that gives additional options for reporting nefarious players. "Starting with the current test build … you will be able to report players directly from the replay feature of our game," according to the Steam Community page. "This means that you no longer need to be killed by a suspected cheater for you to be able to use the in-game reporting tool." As Polygon writes, when you right-click on a name in the player list or while observing them in follow mode, you’ll find the new report button.

More than that, the update brings new types of crates and a couple of new outfits.

When we spoke to Minkonet last month, the replay feature’s developer, the company’s Gilbert Kim said that curbing cheating was one of the ultimate goals for the feature.

"We can’t prevent a hack completely," Kim said. "But because of what we do with the 3D death cam … sometimes our technology can find out how they died. Is there something a little bit suspicious, maybe something we should be looking at?"

With further testing, the new reporting tools will make their way into the live servers, and PUBGCorp promises it’ll announce when that happens.

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Cloud-building alien space rays altered Earth’s climate – boffins

Interstellar particles alter Earth’s climate by affecting cloud growth, scientists revealed on Tuesday.

The research team, whose work was published in Nature Communications, sets out a direct link between how particles from space influences cloud growth and climate change.

Henrik Svensmark, lead author of the study and a physics professor at the Technical University of Denmark, said: “Finally we have the last piece of the puzzle explaining how particles from space affect climate on Earth. It gives an understanding of how changes caused by Solar activity or by supernova activity can change climate.”

The process requires quite a few steps – from cloud seeds to supernovas. Let’s take it gently:

First, cloud condensation nuclei in Earth’s atmosphere: These are small particles that water vapor condenses onto as liquid. Big clumps of these nuclei form aerosols.

Cosmic rays – emitted from the Sun and stuff far out in space – smash into the particles in Earth’s atmosphere, knocking off electrons and producing charged particles: ions. These ions add more material to cloud seed particles, forming bigger aerosols, which form larger clouds, which affects our planet’s temperature.

Repeated experiments in cloud chambers showed that at low ionization levels, about five per cent of the growth rate of aerosols is down to ions. Here is where supernovas come in. The nearby explosion of a dead star flings cosmic rays at Earth, creating loads of ions in the atmosphere. These ultimately help aerosols stick around longer rather than float away. More aerosols equal more clouds, and these eventually change the temperature on Earth.

The team suggested the above process could have practically affected Earth’s climate over time. The repeated periods of cooling and heating in global temperatures by 2oC over the past 10,000 years could be down to changes in solar activity and cosmic rays. Larger fluctuations of up to 10oC could have occurred over astronomical timescales as the solar system moved through the Milky Way galaxy, the paper stated:

“Changes in the cosmic ray flux can be much larger. Inter-arm regions [of the galaxy] can have half the present day cosmic ray flux, whereas spiral arm regions should have at least 1.5 times the present day flux. This should correspond to a ~10 per cent change in aerosol growth rate, between arm and inter-arm regions.” ®

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Popular WordPress Captcha Plugin Detected with Backdoor Script!

Original source: Popular WordPress Captcha Plugin Detected with Backdoor Script! via DailySEOblog.

Do you use Captcha, the WordPress plugin from BestWebSoft? You might want to scan it now because the plugin has been found to carry a backdoor script in its recent update. Unfortunately, this plugin was pretty popular on WordPress official site and had been downloaded more than 300K times world over. Also, since it came…

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