Construction Logos: What Makes a Great Design? #Infographic

The 2016 Construction Marketing Outlook Survey found that 84% of construction professionals planned to increase marketing tactics. Whether that’s through building a website, posting on social media, or redesigning signs and business cards, you need a logo to build your brand.

When done right, a logo is memorable and unique. It helps customers remember your business. Imagine a future customer wants to renovate their kitchen. If they saw a sign with your logo or one of your branded business cards, your company may pop into their head when thinking about who to hire for their project.

To understand what makes a great logo for the construction industry, we reviewed construction companies big and small to find some design best practices. When reviewing large companies — the top 5 contractors in the industry, we noticed that the primary feature was the company name. These companies rely on brand and name recognition in their logos. Small companies were more likely to use details conveying their industry.

Here are the top trends to use in your construction logo design. These design trends include:

-Bold Fonts: Serif, San Serif, Slab Serif

-Strong Colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Red

-Relevant Imagery: Tools, Buildings, Hammers, Drills

-Geometric Shapes: Circles, Squares, Diamonds

-Business Name As a Focus: Typically formatted in all capital letters

Construction Logos: What Makes a Great Design?

Infographic by:

via Visualistan


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