This E-Paper Calendar Will Sync With Your Smartphone

With calendars being available on your phones, tablets, computers, and smartwatches, is there really a need for a physical calendar like back in the day? We guess maybe for some people, there might, but what if you could combine the physical and digital together? Wouldn’t that be pretty awesome?

This is pretty much what designer Kosho Tsuboi has come up with that has resulted in a device called the Magic Calendar. Design wise it is pretty simple and straightforward and thanks to the use of an e-paper display, it could totally pass off as a regular calendar that is hanging from your wall in your room. The best part is that not only does it look traditional, but it can also sync with your smartphone in terms of upcoming events and what not.

This means that at a glance on your wall, you should be able to see the events that are coming up, as opposed to having to turn on your smartphone or computer to check. Tsuboi’s Magic Calendar is part of Google’s Android Experiment program in Japan and was actually chosen to be further developed, meaning that there is a good chance of this turning from concept to reality.

No word on when that will happen, but is the Magic Calendar something you might be interested in purchasing for your home?

This E-Paper Calendar Will Sync With Your Smartphone , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.

via Ubergizmo


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