Fake iPad Bomb Apparently The Reason Behind Airlines Electronic Ban

As you might have heard, recently both the US and the UK have issued a ban on electronic devices larger than a smartphone that are allowed to be brought on board a flight. This meant that passengers traveling with laptops or tablets or other devices had to check them in, although this only applied to those who were traveling from a specific set of countries.

There was no official reason behind the ban, but now a report from The Guardian has possibly revealed the reason why. According to their source, apparently this was due to the discovery of a plot that wanted to bring down a plane with explosives that were hidden inside of a fake iPad that would have appeared as real as the genuine article. However as to who might be behind the plot, the country they operated in, and other factors were not revealed.

The reason behind the ban doesn’t really come as a surprise because back in 2016, you might recall that there was an incident where bombs were hidden inside a laptop and detonated on a Somali passenger jet, so to hide bombs inside an iPad (or a fake iPad) doesn’t really seem like a stretch of the imagination.

So far only the US and UK have enacted these bans. The Guardian reports that France is considering a ban too but has yet to make a decision, while both the Dutch and Australian governments stated that they are monitoring the situation but have no plans for a ban at the moment.

Fake iPad Bomb Apparently The Reason Behind Airlines Electronic Ban , original content from Ubergizmo. Read our Copyrights and terms of use.

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