Article: Few Internet Users in Japan View Digital Ads

Few Internet Users in Japan View Digital Ads

Over 90% do so occasionally or less

Who looks at digital ads in Japan? According to a February 2017 report from retargeting and prospecting platform AdRoll, only one in 10 internet users in the country views them frequently.

Frequency with Which Internet Users in Japan Consciously View Digital Ads, Nov 2016 (% of respondents)

On behalf of AdRoll, Digital InFact (DIF) surveyed 1,000 internet users in Japan on how often they “consciously” view digital ads.

About 23% of those polled indicated they rarely do this, whereas 30% said “not that much.” But 37% of respondents reported they consciously view digital ads on occasion.

With nearly 90% saying they view ads occasionally or less frequently than that, it’s clear that internet users in Japan are not focusing on digital ads very often.

In another example of their inattentiveness to advertising in digital content, only 14% of internet users in the country ages 20 to 59 told Bracket in a December 2016 survey that digital video content has directly inspired them to make a purchase.

eMarketer predicts a total of $11.79 billion will be spent on digital advertising in Japan in 2017, second only to China in the region.

Japan’s digital ad spending will remain roughly double of that of regional neighbor Australia’s through 2021, when it will reach $15.21 billion.

Ben Clague

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