The World’s Weirdest Animals #Infographic

Every country has its bizarre creatures, creepy crawlies and dangerous predators, but some seem to be just that little bit more extraordinary that the others. From the teeniest, smallest bug with multiple legs, to the many giant beasts that are seldom seen, heading out on the trail of wildlife whilst visiting another country is a universal pastime and at the root of many a holiday or trip away.

In order to discover just how strange the earth’s inhabitants can be, travel comparison site dealchecker have done the hard work, and have searched through the wildest undergrowth and turned over every stone to find the ultimate collection of the world’s most unusual creatures, be they feathered, scaly, furry or… shell-less? Among those featured are a couple of curious critters who have been only recently been discovered and have since been widely celebrated for their sheer weirdness – Ninja Lantern Shark anyone?

There is even a species of spider, found deep within the Western Ghats Mountains in India, that has been named after the ‘sorting hat’ in Harry Potter. If you’re an animal lover, a wildlife spotter, birdwatcher or deep sea diver, you need to get acquainted with these weird and wonderful animals!

The World’s Weirdest Animals

Infographic by:

via Visualistan


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