SteamWorld Dig 2: Watch 5 minutes of Switch gameplay, including a boss fight

This sequel to a cult classic is looking great

The original SteamWorld Dig was something of a cult classic. It never quite blew up, but everyone who played it seemed to adore it. With SteamWorld Dig 2 debuting on Nintendo Switch — as announced during a Nintendo Direct earlier today — hopefully a wider audience will have a chance to discover this game’s charming mix of mining, platforming and action.

We got to see the sequel for ourselves today at a Nintendo event. While playing it, we took the video above, where we quickly get back into the hang of mining for resources, exploring some cool ruins and eventually fighting a weird, laser-happy robot boss.

Check it out for yourself above, and stay tuned for more SteamWorld Dig 2 coverage to come. The game will be released on the Nintendo Switch this summer, and developer Image & Form said it will follow on more platforms. The original SteamWorld Dig launched on the Nintendo 3DS but eventually made its way to Windows PCs, Mac, PlayStation 4, Vita, Wii U and Xbox One.

via Polygon – Full


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