AWS to Take on the Likes of Cisco and Microsoft with Amazon Chime Video Teleconferencing Service

Amazon has been directly competing with the other SaaS (software as a service) services ever since it started with the Amazon Web Services (AWS). Today AWS has launched Amazon Chime, an enterprise offering that can be used for voice and video calls along with instant messaging. As one might have already figured out Amazon’s Chime will go at loggerheads with similar enterprise services like the Cisco WebEx. Also, the Chime will prove to be a competition for the Skype for Business from Microsoft which is based on the Azure public cloud.


The Amazon Chime is also expected to rival the Google GSuites and other smaller, but popular offerings including Slack and Dialpad. Amazon Chime will be available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS apps and unlike the WebEx, it doesn’t require the users to punch in a PIN number. AWS has been fast paced when it comes to expanding its offering and previously they have announced a business intelligence suite called QuickSight, WorkMail and an email and Calendar service. Interestingly tools like Chime will also rival other smaller services like Zoom which are using AWS.

As of now, Amazon is offering a free edition of Chime. The Plus Edition with advanced user management and Active Directory (AD) support along with 1GB of message retention is priced at $2.50 per user per month. The Pro Edition, however, costs $15 per user per month and will include screen sharing and video chat that supports up to 100 users along with unlimited VoIP. Enterprise offerings seem to have become the area of focus for many companies and this only means that the other smaller offerings like Slack and other collaborating tools have a bigger rival to fend. That said Microsoft still seems to have an upper hand with its enterprise offerings but things don’t take long to change.

via Technically Personal!


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