21 Old-School Fashionista Posts That Prove How Much the Internet’s Changed in 10 Years

Thanks, F! Photo: Faran Krentcil

Thanks, F! Photo: Faran Krentcil

Break out the bubbly: This January, Fashionista turns 10! We know, we can hardly believe it ourselves. To celebrate the place where so many of us got our start in the industry, we’ll be taking a look back on all the things that made Fashionista one of our favorite fashion sites out there (not that we’re biased). 

In the very early days of Fashionista — as both Faran and Britt highlighted in their “How I’m Making It” features — much of the magic came from the hand-written, collaged graphics that were lovingly illustrated, assembled and scanned by the editors and interns each day. This was an era long before Instagram, when Tumblr was in its infancy and when Fashionista could get away with tearing out (and doodling on) a Mario Testino editorial from Vogue without receiving a threatening email from the Condé Nast legal department concerning photo rights — well, the lack thereof. 

The delightful, eye-popping art was the perfect vehicle for the site’s writers who doubled as huge industry fangirls. If someone loved Daria Werbowy’s latest ad campaign to the point of obsession, she could write a witty haiku proclaiming her feelings and post it within the hour. Or, if a particular piece of fashion trivia stumped the team — which is not an easy feat — it would be drawn up and posed to our readers, who had a field day in the comments section. Sadly, in the current digital landscape where traffic, SEO and Google searchability are prioritized above all else, you don’t see works of art like this on fashion sites much anymore. (Though you can always get your fix on Tumblr.) Fashionista editors may not be able to cut, paste and sketch images today, but that same spirit of fun and creativity on which the site was built is still very much present — and we sincerely hope that comes through in our #content.

Join us as we take a stroll down memory lane by browsing a handful of old-school Fashionista posts that prove just how much the internet has changed in 10 years. 

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