HttpStat: It’s like curl -v, with colours


Build Status


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

But seriously, is the new hotness, and this is a shameless rip off.


$ go get -u


$ httpstat

We don’t need no stinking curl is a wrapper around curl(1), which is all fine and good, but what if you don’t have curl(1) or python(1) installed?


The big ticket features which are missing at this point are:

  • support for https; this involves negotating the handshake before sending the request, adjusting the various timing points, and using the alternative template. done, thanks @freeformz
  • detect when httpstat is being piped to a file or other not tty device and disable coloured output. done, thanks @amy
  • support for more CURL flags, like -H HEADER and -X METHOD.
  • spool response.Body to a temporary file.
  • Sort response headers intelligently, #18.
  • Support curl’s -L flag to follow redirects, #23.
  • Handle urls without a scheme, #26


Bug reports and feature requests are welcome.

Pull requests are most welcome, but if the feature is not on the TODO list, please open an issue to discuss the feature before slinging code. Thank you.

via Hacker News

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