Chelsea Handler Calls Angelina Jolie A “Lunatic” In Profane Tirade

Chelsea Handler, less a stranger to controversy than good ratings had some strong words for Angelina Jolie regarding her pending divorce. The longtime Jennifer Aniston ally shared her opinion in a clip from her Netflix show shared to social media. She, clearly, still holds strong negative feelings towards Jolie.

“Brad and Angelina always said they wouldn’t get married until everyone could get married,” Handler said. “And I always said I wouldn’t get married until they got divorced, so I’m officially accepting proposals. I’m ready.”

She also blamed Jolie directly for Pitt’s rumored issue with pot and alcohol.

“There are rumors that part of the problem was that Brad was allegedly drinking and smoking too much weed. I wonder why he would need to self-medicate,” she said. “Maybe because he could have been spending the last 12 years at Lake Como hanging out with George Clooney and Matt Damon, instead of being stuck in a house with 85 kids speaking 15 different languages. Oh, yeah, because he married a fucking lunatic, that’s why.”

She then invited viewers to follow her on Twitter.

Handler’s long had an issue with Jolie, invoking the trope of the "girl’s girl" to describe her dislike for the actress.

”I just don’t like Angelina Jolie,” Chelsea Handler said on an appearance on Watch What Happens Live. “I don’t think she’s a girl’s girl. I like girl’s girls!”

Later in that appearance, she called Jolie a demon.

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