This extension brings Facebook back to the good old days before ‘brands’ and random people hijacked your feed

mark zuckerbergReuters Pictures/Carlos Garcia Rawlins

Facebook wants to be the place you go to for everything: news, friends, videos, and now even Uber rides.

But sometimes you don’t want that. Sometimes you just want Facebook to do what it used to do: show you what your friends were up to.

Now there’s a new Google Chrome extension called "Facebook Friends Feed" that does just that.

The extension, created by Juraj Ivan, cuts down your Facebook feed so it only shows you posts from your friends or pages you follow. No more suggestions, no more pages one of your friends liked, no more ads — unless you’re already following the brand.

"I realized that I visit Facebook too often because there is always something new, but mostly it’s stories from people and pages I don’t follow. But these stories appear on my news feed because my friends liked them. Having my news feed cluttered like that, I often miss stories from friends themselves," Ivan wrote on Product Hunt.

Ivan writes that it has personally already helped him significantly cut down on the time he wastes on Facebook. Not bad for something he says he created in just 24 hours. Bravo.

Try out the extension for yourself at its website, or check it out on Product Hunt.

(h/t The Next Web)

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via Business Insider

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