Scientists have not actually found an alien megastructure orbiting a distant star



An alien star in distant space seems to be acting very strangely

NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope caught sight of the star as part of the spacecraft’s hunt for planets outside the solar system, which are also known as exoplanets

Kepler looks for exoplanets by seeing a dip in the light of a star, presumably when a planet passes between its host star and the spacecraft. This eclipse produces a regular, periodic dip in the starlight that can help scientists characterize the planet.

But when Kepler caught sight of this star — called KIC 8462852 — it didn’t see anything resembling a regular, periodic dip in starlight. Instead, the probe saw a more erratic dimming and brightening of the star, nothing like what you’d expect to see when a planet eclipses. Read more…

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via Mashable

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