Twitter’s Spontaneous Mentions Insert You Into Other’s Conversations

Does anyone know when Twitter started spontaneously adding @mentions to tweets? Some time over the past month I’ve noticed that Twitter has been adding my Twitter handle to conversations that reference a link to this blog. I’ve found no press coverage mentioning that Twitter has added this feature/bug, but I can report that I’ve seen the feature on an intermittent basis. It happened earlier today, and last week I encountered it on several occasions. Most of the examples look like the following: @counternotions @thDigitalReader I’ll be honest, it helps me. — Jason Smith (@jasontoheal) September 14, 2015 Do you see how there’s a tweet with a link, and then I am referenced in the tweet that responds to the tweet with the link? That @mention is inserted by Twitter, not the user. For some unknown reason, Twitter has decided that users who don’t know me or follow me obviously intended to include me in a conversation they’re having with someone else. I am not at all bothered by this, but I am puzzled and would like to know more. And since I don’t know anything about it, I thought I would post an open question (with the goal of also helping other people who are as […]

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