Facebook using phones microphone for targeted advertising?

I remember reading about "Facebook Listens" about a year ago, in which Facebook would listen in when you were updating a status or such to show what you were listening to or watching. It was a feature that you could choose to enable or disable, but still had a bit of controversy for a few weeks.

Also everyone knows that Facebook can point targeted ads at you based on what you search on the web, things you like, etc. That feature can also be disabled in settings.

However I noticed something today that is beyond that. Yesterday while driving, I was having a conversation with my gf about her wanting to get a sewing machine. I specifically remember asking you "So are you going to buy a sewing machine?". I have never once searched or read anything based on sewing machines on my PC or phone. Today I just happened to get a sponsored ad from Amazon for a Deal of the Day that was coincidentally… a sewing machine.

I have noticed this a few times before, but generally if I had talked about buying something around my phone I had already looked it up on the web, so if an ad appeared on FB I just assumed thats where it was from. An ad appearing from only hearing my voice when the Facebook app was not open, and the phone not even in my hand is a little strange.

Anyone else notice this happening more lately?

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