Firefox 40: Profiling JavaScript Performance and More

Firefox 40 comes with some powerful new tools and some interesting shifts in strategy by Mozilla. Read on for the biggest changes in Firefox and what they mean for you.

New Performance Tools

Firefox 40 features new profiling tools that give developers a better understanding of what’s happening from a performance standpoint within their applications. Developers can use these tools to profile performance in any kind of website, app, or game.

The Performance tab contains the new timeline, including three views:

  • a Waterfall view, giving insights into how your app is performing in the browser: waterfall performance

  • Call Tree view, highlighting any JavaScript performance bottlenecks: call tree js performance

  • Flame Chart view, showing the state of the JavaScript stack at every millisecond during the performance profile: flame chart view

Mozilla Hacks has produced a video introduction to the new performance tools:

There’s also a demo of how to optimize the JavaScript in an HTML5 game using the new performance tools.

Head over to the Mozilla Hacks article for more details on the new performance tools.

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