Gay fashion icons Dolce & Gabbana slam gay marriage, and celebrities are infuriated

elton john

You may not be hearing the name "Dolce & Gabbana" on the red carpet anytime soon.

Fusion reports fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana were quoted in an interview saying, "the only family is the traditional one. No chemical offsprings and rented uterus: life has a natural flow; there are things that should not be changed."

The statement appeared in Italian magazine Panorama.

It soon caught the attention of folks on social media everywhere, including Elton John, who took to Instagram Sunday with his comments.

Soon, the hashtag #boycotdolceandgabbana began appearing all over Twitter. Some of the more artful Twitter users Photoshopped images to go along with their tweets.

John, who has two sons with husband David Furnish, captions his Instagram photo,

How dare you refer to my beautiful children as "synthetic". And shame on you for wagging your judgmental little fingers at IVF – a miracle that has allowed legions of loving people, both straight and gay, to fulfil their dream of having children. Your archaic thinking is out of step with the times, just like your fashions. I shall never wear Dolce and Gabbana ever again. #BoycottDolceGabbana


In 2006, it had been reported that Gabbana spoke against same-sex marriage, though Dolce and Gabbana, both gay, were formerly linked romantically until their split several years ago.

In 2013, The Telegraph asked the duo if they had ever considered marrying one another, to which they both responded"What?! Never!I don’t believe in gay marriage.”

Dolce and Gabbana

Here are some of the tweets that rolled in proclaiming the boycott against the famous designers. This one is from Courtney Love Cobain:

 One from Perez Hilton:

Even Ricky Martin:

"Glee" screenwriter Ryan Murphy and Victoria Beckham have also tweeted in support of Elton John and the LGBTQ community. 

“These designers’ horrifying views are never in fashion. Their clothes are as ugly as their hate," Murphy said. 

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