No Pirate Bay Blockade in Sweden, Court Rules

After deliberating for almost a month the Stockholm District Court has decided that copyright holders can not force a Swedish ISP to block the The Pirate Bay. The Court found that Bredbandsbolaget’s operations do not amount to participation in the copyright infringement offenses carried out by some of its ‘pirate’ subscribers.

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Millions of Devices Are Vulnerability to Hack

Computer manufacturer has done huge mistakes being shipping embedded system all the users around the globe, the devices are having SSH and TLS private keys hard-coded, not only computers system affected but also several devices contain same hard-coded SSH as Secure Shell hosting keys. A large number of switches, modems, IP cameras, VoIP telephones and

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Data-mined photos document 100 years of (forced) smiling

Here’s an odd fact: Turn-of-the-century photographers used to tell subjects to say "prunes" rather than "cheese," so that they would smile less. By studying nearly 38,000 high-school yearbook photos taken since 1905, UC Berkeley researchers have shown just how much smiling, fashion and hairstyles have changed over the years. The goal was not just to track trends, but figure out how to apply modern data-mining techniques and machine learning to a much older medium: photographs. Their research could advance deep-learning algorithms for dating historical photos and help historians study how social norms change over time.

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Documents demonstrate NSA continued mass surveillance

Newly disclosed documents show that the NSA had found a way to continue spying on American citizens’ email traffic from overseas. The NSA continued to spy on the email messages of Americans, once again the US government has conducted a massive surveillance on the US soil. To curb internal law the US intelligence has is used […]

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Top 5 Best Audio Editing Apps For iPhone

Time to get your perfect sound clips with Best audio editing apps for iPhone Like me many of you must be music lovers and keep on listening all new music in your ios device. But sometime we need to cut some music or say edit it to get some of our favorite lyrics out from it to either make

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Officials link hacker to theft of 1.2 billion log-in credentials

The FBI is linking a hacker only known by the moniker "mr. grey" to a whopping 1.2 billion stolen internet credentials after finding his Russian email address in the evidence it gathered. It’s unclear if he obtained all those by himself, though, or if he’s even just a single person or a group of people operating under one name. Either way, if there were a contest for hackers, mr. grey would’ve won it by now, as this is apparently the biggest collection of stolen log-in details the FBI has investigated thus far. Reuters says that info came from the court documents the feds submitted to support its search warrant request in 2014. The authorities got their tip from cybersecurity firm Hold Security, which found out that a Russian hacking group called CyberVor has stolen 1.2 billion log-in details and over 500 million email addresses.

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