Why Android desperately needs a billion dollar success story: The best new apps are all going iPhone-first

Why startups are all going iPhone-first There’s been a number of articles over the last year that reiterate a simple fact: The best new apps are all going iPhone-first. Here’s three popular articles on this topic over the last few months: iOS First. Android Much, Much Later (Aug 2014) The Fallacy of Android-First (Apr 2014) Why Android First is a Myth (Oct […]

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10 Apps You Probably Never Heard Of That Employees Are Sneaking Into Work

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One of the biggest changes to our work lives is that we now control much of our own technology.

With our tablets, smartphones and cloud services, if we need an app, we get it ourselves.

This is drastically different than the way work tech used to be: bought by IT, set up by IT, issued by IT and controlled by IT. You didn’t like what you were given? Oh well.

Interestingly, this has created problems for IT professionals, who are still on the hook, often legally, for making sure that all tech is properly paid for and no sensitive corporate secrets are leaked, lost or hacked.

The apps that employees bring in has been dubbed "shadow IT." A company called Skyhigh Networks helps IT departments discover these apps to make sure they are licensed properly and secure.

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Tor director suspects NSA and GCHQ agents are anonymously tipping off the company about vulnerabilities (Leo Kelion/BBC)

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Tor director suspects NSA and GCHQ agents are anonymously tipping off the company about vulnerabilities  —  NSA and GCHQ agents ‘leak Tor bugs’ alleges developer  —  Andrew Lewman: “The fact that we take a completely anonymous bug report allows them to report to us safely”

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