WhatsApp Boosts Privacy with Stronger Encryption

WhatsApp Boosts Privacy with Stronger EncryptionThe Android version of popular messaging app WhatsApp now supports end-to-end encryption, thanks to a partnership with secure-messaging developer Open Whisper Systems. Messages with end-to-end encryption can’t even be read by the company doing the sending — in this case, WhatsApp and its parent company, Facebook. With iOS and other platform support coming soon, it’s a big privacy increase for WhatsApp and its more than 600 million users.

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Mobile data boom anticipated with traffic set to increase 800% by 2020

Mobile traffic has been projected to increase eight-fold by 2020, according to research from Ericsson.

The firm’s mobility report found that there was a 60 per cent growth in mobile data usage in the year following November 2013 but projected that by 2020, the international uptake of mobile data will rise by 800 per cent.

The report said: “Traffic in the mobile phone segment is primarily generated by smartphones. Smartphone subscriptions are expected to more than double by 2020, resulting in rapid traffic growth.

“The increase in data traffic between 2019 and 2020 will be greater than the total sum of all mobile data traffic up until the end of 2013.”

Video is the fastest growing, and largest sector of mobile data consumption, accounting for 45 per cent of all data streamed.

This is anticipated to grow ten-fold worldwide by 2020. The report attributed this growth to the increasing complexity of mobile devices, it said: “Many [devices] now have larger screens, enabling higher picture quality for streamed video."

"Video content is increasingly appearing as part of other online applications; for example, news, advertisements, and social media. Streaming video is growing strongly, primarily driven by over-the-top providers such as YouTube and Netflix.”

Social networking accounted for only 15 per cent of data and web browsing represented a tenth. Music streaming was only responsible for two per cent of all data used.

This comes after Ofcom announced that it is going to reclaim digital TV airwaves to increase the UK’s capacity for 4G and 5G data.

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SCOBLE: Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Has To Go

Robert ScobleRobert Scoble has announced that he believes Travis Kalanick should be removed as CEO of Uber.

He writes in a Facebook post that he finds Uber executive Emil Michael’s comment about digging up dirt on journalists unacceptable, and believes that the only way to “reboot the culture” of the company is for Travis to leave.

He says that if Travis doesn’t resign the investors should insist that he go.

Uber can be saved. Travis can not,” he says. “Travis, if I were you I would resign and help your company heal.”

He believes that once Travis is gone Uber should work to repair it’s relationship with Sarah Lacy, and communicate to staff that being anti-journalist or anti-woman will not be tolerated.

This is something Scoble himself learned when he first started at Microsoft.

“An exec pulled me aside and told me how I could get fired. Pissing off journalists and analysts were very high on the list. This is how culture gets translated,” he says.

He also implies that the fiasco has broader business implications and could affect Uber’s bottom line. 

“This wound is a lot deeper than I thought and IS changing consumer behavior,” he warns, “I am in Pittsburgh speaking to business people (not tech people) and you should hear what they are saying about Uber. This company has deeply wounded itself.” 

He personally has not deleted the app or his Uber account, however he says that the fiasco "has changed which app I use first."

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Google’s New Bookmarking Interface, Formerly Called “Stars,” Goes Live In Chrome Beta (Sarah Perez/TechCrunch)

Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:
Google’s New Bookmarking Interface, Formerly Called “Stars,” Goes Live In Chrome Beta  —  Last month, Google quietly launched its new bookmarking service previously called Stars on the Chrome Web store as a free download.  Today, the company says it’s integrating the feature into the Google Chrome browser.

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We Asked Kids What They Think About Facebook, And Mark Zuckerberg Should Be Worried

There’s a whole new generation of children growing up in the digital world. Social media giant Facebook hopes this is the next wave of users but are they really intersted in having a profile? 

We asked little kids between the age of nine and eleven what they really think of Facebook.

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